According to the cornerstone located at the left corner of the church when facing the church. The Smyrna Baptist Church was organized in 1870. Written records for much of Smyrna’s History was perhaps destroyed during the time or times that the church was destroyed by fire, however, one could fairly assume that Smyrna, like many other Negro churches, had its beginning under a brush harbor near the present location. A few believing and faithful hearts saw the need for a sanctuary to give praises to their maker. Information gathered by word of mouth from parents, grandparents, etc. indicated that the church moved forward, but not without struggles and difficulties. Again, this is not certain, but word is that Smyrna was burned at least once and perhaps twice. It was in Smyrna’s 26th year (1896) that the young, vibrant, and stern man of the Gospel, The Rev. D.C. Bracey was called to lead the Smyrna community. With a firm hand Bracey continued to lead the people of this church and community for some thirty-two years. It is not certain as to what year Smyrna was last burned, but according to the corner stone, the church was rebuilt by the members and Rev. Bracey in March 1907. Rev. Bracey was a very strong person, and was respected by all that knew him.

The deceased pastors who also served at Smyrna are:

Rev. Leroy Edwards, Rev. Ward, Rev. A. G. Hensley, Rev. W. M. Mitchell, Rev. Mitchell Tate & Rev. Franklin D. Clark

 In January 1963, Rev. Franklin D. Clark was called to Pastor Smyrna.

Deacon I.V. Henry and Deacon Freddie Walker were ordained as Deacons under the leadership of Rev. F. D. Clark on December 23, 1969.

Rev. Alfred Murray was licensed and ordained into ministry, at Smyrna. He served as Assistant Pastor under Rev. Clark, and also, Rev. M. B. Broughton served as Assistant Pastor for seven years under Rev.  Clark.

Smyrna 1st Church Anniversary under Rev. Clark’s leadership was held Sunday, March 23, 1980, which was the 110th Anniversary.

In 1968 there was remodeling of the church. In 1978 an annex was added which consisted of a lady lounge, kitchen, dining area, pastor study, utility room and restrooms. In 1987 there were more remodeling of the church under the leadership of Rev. Clark. The church now has central heat and air. There is baptism performed every year. Over the years there have been wedding and funeral services held here from our church family and from the community.                                                                                                 

 The deceased members who served on Deacon Board are:

Dea. West Warrens, Dea. Ed Hampton, Dea.  Monroe Allens Sr., Dea. Sammie  Hampton, Dea.  Ed Walker, Dea. Less Baugh, Dea.  Bob Paschal, Dea. Monroe Allens Jr., Dea.  Miledge Moore, Dea. Mell Morgan, Dea.  Ben Gunn, Dea. Edgar Brown, Dea. Ring Williams, Dea. Wheeler King, Dea. Dan Inman, Dea. Wesley Allen, Dea. John Harris, Dea. Willie Paschal Dea. Sidney Moore, Dea.  Austin Hillsman,  & Dea. Freeman Allen

The late Dea. Freeman Allen served as Chairman of Deacon Board.

The deceased members who served as Clerk are:

Bro. Williams Daniel, Sis.   Irene Moore, Sis. Louxie Daniel, Sis. Olivia Williams, Sis. Bessie Morgan & Sis. Doris Clark.

Other members who also served as clerk are:

Sis. Glady Walker, Sis. Marie Glosson, Sis. Brenda Massey, Sis. Brenda Brown & Dea. Anthony Franklin

Jan. 28, 1996 Dea. Ralph L. Clark was ordained as Deacon.

June 23,1996 Dea. Kacy Morgan was ordained as Deacon.

March 23, 1997 Dea. Ernest Wright was ordained as Deacon.

May 24, 1998, Rev. F. D. Clark resigned as pastor; he served faithfully for 35 years.

In 1999 Rev. M. B. Broughton was elected as pastor of Smyrna, He served faithfully from December 1999 thru December 2000.

An Annex has been added which consists of a finance room, sunday school room for primary kids, and restrooms.

Sis. Mary Brown Looney made a silver love gift to the church to purchase robes for the Youth Choir, They were presented in August 1999.

The Ivory Family made a silver love offering in making it possible to get the front of church yard paved in Memory of Bro. Kennith Lewis.

Auxiliary that was organized:

The Mission Department, Usher Board which consist of Senior and Junior Ushers, Our Youth and Sunbeam Choir combined as Smyrna Youth Choir, Male Chorus and Senior Choir combined as Smyrna Senior Choir and Voices of Mission

As of January 2001, the Church was without a pastor. The Church continued to move forward for God is good all the time.

Dea. IV Henry and Dea. Ralph L. Clark have served as Chairman of Dea. Board.

March 29, 2002, Rev. Harlon Heard of Morrow, Ga. was elected as pastor of Smyrna Baptist Church and wife, Sis. Barbara Heard as first lady. Installation Service for Rev. Heard was held May 19, 2002.

September 15, 2002 Dea. Ricky Clark and Dea. Travis Peters were ordained as Deacons, under our Pastor Rev. Heard.

Under the leadership of Rev. Heard the Senior Choir and Voices of Mission combined and were called The Smyrna Gospel Choir. The Smyrna Gospel Choir is now called Voices of Mission of Smyrna.

Our Deacon Board consists of:

Deacon Freddie Walker, Deacon Ernest Wright, Deacon IV Henry, Deacon Travis Peters, Deacon Stewart Adams, Deacon Anthony Franklin, Deacon Leon Peters & Deacon Tony Jeffries.

Our Junior Deacons consists of:

Bro. Mayhew Brown Jr., Bro. Michael Charleston, Bro. Eugene Wright Jr., Bro. Bennie Williams Jr. & Bro. Frederick Lewis

October 2002, The Fellowship Hall was remodeled.

October 2003, The Sanctuary was remodeled with new windows, new pews and new carpet. Psalm 96:6 says, “Honor and Majesty are before Him: Strength and Beauty are in His Sanctuary.”

May 2005 a new tin roof was put on the church.

November 12, 2006,  Dea. Stewart Adams, Dea. Leon Peters, Dea. Tony Jeffries and Dea. Anthony Franklin were ordained as Deacons, under our Pastor Rev. Heard.

June 2009 – Sis. Roselyn Anderson started the nursery for children.

December 2009- We were blessed to purchase a van to provide transportation to and from church services and other church events.

January 2011 - The church was donated land adjacent to the current property for additional burial site and parking.

February 2011 – The restrooms and hallways in the rear of the church were remodeled.

At the beginning of each year a church calendar is planned. We have bible class every Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. We have Sunday school every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. We now have services every Sunday of each month at 11:00 a.m.

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